Mediocre Blanket

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Lets face it, sometimes you get a little cold while sitting on the couch. that's no way to live, as we see it, you have 2 options, one is to have your Aunt Penelope knit you up a sweet blankie, OR you can order this Exclusive Mediocre Show blanket. one thing old Penelope's blanket is lacking is proper warmth, sure it looks like a million bucks, but it's not made from the 9.3oz Dryblend Fleece like ours are. This is the same weight as a sweatshirt.
It measures 50"x60" so you can totally invite your friends to get snuggly with you, if that's the kind of shit you are into.
plus, we are better people than your Aunt Penelope, she's kinda racist, and drinks too much.