Mediocre Bandana

Image of Mediocre Bandana

It's wintertime. and in most places that means it's cold. Here at the Mediocre Show, we want you to be as green as possible, wiping your brow with paper towels is not only financially irresponsible, it's also mean to the trees. While we know you could steal paper towels from your mom, those always seem to have weird prints on them, it's really not tough to be mopping sweat off your face with butterflies and roosters, plus it hurts your mom's feeling (just the one)
special value added bonus!! you can fold this up tie it around your head and keep the sweat out of your eyes on an ongoing basis. not to mention you can throw it in your pack pocket and reenact scenes from greese, I mean, if that's your thing. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!
please think of the trees, and your mom.

bandanas are 22"x22" black bandanas (no gang affiliation)